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C2E2 Was Rad, Dudes. To The Max

Reasons I had a rather amazing time at this year’s C2E2:

1) Nerdist Panel: Holy flurkin’ shnit. Getting to sit in on a packed panel filled with thousands of people, just casually sipping water next to Bob Shreck, was pretty amazing. If you don’t believe me, here’s a picture of me drinking water from the Daily Hey Now:

2) John Barrowman: I try not to geek out TOO much about celebs, but getting to interview Captain Jack Harkness one on one for MTV Geek was pretty much a highlight. He was personable, very funny, and gripped me quite tightly when I abashedly asked to take a picture with him later. I think we’re getting married:

3) Shia LaBeouf: You can read all about it on MTV Geek, but I ended up hanging out with Shia LaBeouf outside the convention center while he had a cigarette and we chatted. You know, like you do. I have no photo proof of that, but here’s a picture of him at his Artists Alley table:

4) Fans: There’s a very, very minor level of celebrity that comes with hosting a comic book show and doing sketch comedy, that really only comes into play at comic conventions. But man, everybody was awesome, and it was extremely flattering to chat with everyone there at the Con. If you guys are in New York, stop by and say hello, I’m that naked cowboy guy in Times Square.

4) Party Limo: On Saturday night, I found myself riding to get deep dish pizza in a party limo with the MTV folks, comic professionals, and some booth babes. There was nothing not surreal about that. Also: deep dish pizza sucks, and if you think it doesn’t suck, you suck. Take that, most of the United States.

I should also note that Brad hates that picture, but I think it perfectly encapsulates the party limo experience.

Last thing, apropos of nothing, but I snapped this picture of James Asmus – a great comedy guy, and comic writer who announced this weekend he was writing a new Gambit series for Marvel I hope you all pick up – with a clueless Gambit cosplayer. I think it’s the disparity in their excitement levels that I find so funny:

Anyway, thanks Chicago, you were great. Except for the deep dish. YUCK.

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