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Con Air Force Bud One

Back in 2013, my sketch group Elephant Larry wrote and performed – multiple times – a sketch comedy show entirely based on the 1997 action movie Con Air. For real! I wouldn’t lie about this. Here, these are the four video sketches we made for the show, as proof:

Anyway, the crazier part is that we performed about a dozen sketches in the show, but wrote so very, very many more. Some were rejected for time. Some were rejected for being too complicated, or too specific to Con Air (like, for people who hadn’t watched it line by line in order to write a sketch comedy show). And some were just bad.

I’ll let you decide what this was for yourself, but I’ve got a ton of sketches like this that never saw the light of day. So, you know. Enjoy.

I mean, the Diamond Dog line makes me laugh, I dunknow.

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