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GRCT Calls ‘Thor and the Warriors Four’ Favorite of the Year!

Girls Read Comics Too says ‘Thor and the Warriors Four’ is one of their favorite miniseries of the year!

This miniseries is the perfect balance of what Marvel needs more of these days; light-hearted books that span every age group, but doesn’t sacrifice good storytelling. Gurihuru’s art may be cutesy, but it’s absolutely brilliant, and fits the tone the book sets. Alex Zalben does a fantastic job merging Thor and Power Pack’s worlds, as well as coming up with a very human storyline for the Power family to kick things off and lead into the super storyline. This is a story about love of family, at its heart.

This is me blushing <– And you can read the rest of the review, as well as their other picks, at the link below!

Chantaal’s Favorites: Miniseries | Girls Read Comics Too

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