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I’m Thinking Of A Fictional Character

A couple of things are important to understand this conversation, but the most important one is that our family plays a game called “I’m Thinking Of A Fictional Character,” which is kind of like 20 Questions but just about fictional characters; and also there are as many questions as you want, not just twenty.

Also, Penny is six.

Me: Okay, is the fictional character you’re thinking of a lady?

Penny: …It can be.

Me: Is it a girl?

Penny: …It can be.

Me: Can it also be a guy?

Penny: …Yes.

Me: Is it from a movie?

Penny: I don’t know!

Me: Oh, is it from something Mommy and I have seen?

Penny: I’ve never seen it.

Me: And it can be a lady or a guy?

Penny: Yes!

Me: Oh! Is it Doctor Who*?

Penny: Daddy! I’ve watched Doctor Who.

Me: Oh, okay. I forgot.

Penny:  I love Doctor Who**!

Me: Uh-huh. Okay… Is it on The Walking Dead?

Penny: Yes!

Me: Is it a zombie?

Penny: Yes! It’s a zombie!

Me: Oh, got–

Penny: I was thinking of Frankenstein***.

*I know he’s called The Doctor, but I figured for simplicity’s sake I’d just say Doctor Who.

**Penny has never seen Doctor Who. She once woke up from a nap in time to see the last ten minutes of the Doctor Who casting special that revealed Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor, and has spent the last three years telling us how she not only loves watching Doctor Who, but also that Peter Capaldi is a really good actor.

***At this point I gave up and didn’t explain that she was actually thinking of Frankenstein’s Monster.

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