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My Favorite Posts – 10/31-11/6

The 10 Best Comics For October, 2011 – This is always a difficult mix of finding the comics that stood out, versus ones that are “just” consistently good every month.

Lee Bermejo Talks Batman Noel + Exclusive Art! – This book really surprised me. It’s extremely confident as a debut for a writer/artist, and Bermejo is a smart cookie, so I was pretty pleased to get the chance to talk to him.

‘Dark Knight Rises’ Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is John Blake… But Who Is John Blake From The Comics? – I’m actually semi-convinced of my last theory there.

10 Babies Ready To Rock-a-Bye The Vote – My first post for! I like this title, but “10 Babies Ready To Vote The Potty Line” is funnier, I think?

10 Amazing Bathrooms From Around The World – My first post for GuySpeed! If you have a chance, take a look for the whole Star Trek: Voyager apartment I found the bathroom in, it’s ridic.

10 Most Awesome Political Candidates From The Comics – I love it when I’m researching a piece, and turn up insane pieces of trivia that sound crazy even to me, like The Demon running for President, in continuity. Also, Achewood’s Finding Nemo Party may be the best thing I’ve ever heard.

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