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My Favorite Posts (That I Wrote): 1/16/12-1/22/12

Fun fact! I guess I didn’t actually have that many posts up this week. Wrote a bunch, but they’ll probably all go up next (this?) week, so whatevs, dudes. Hang ten. I did start teaching sketch comedy writing at Pace University Thursday, though, and will be doing that all semester, so what have YOU done with your life. Yeah. That’s right.

The 10 Best Geek TV Scores – Ever – Despite not being very knowledgeable about the techniques of music (I stopped playing piano in High School, you guys), I still geek out about scores and soundtracks… So I was pretty happy to do this one.

‘The Nerdist’ Welcomes Alison Brie, But Thomas Dolby Steals The Show [Recap] – Thomas Dolby retweeted this, which pretty much made my week.

What’s New With Doctor Who: New Companion, Leverage Crossover, and TARDIS Purse – Westphall reference! If you know what that is, you get a cookie.

Comic Book Club with Greg Pak – I didn’t write this, but it is my podcast on The Nerdist, and hey, no one is reading this collection of links anyway.

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