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My Favorite Posts (That I Wrote): 12/5-12/11

‘Defenders #1’ Is Big, Crazy, and Bravura Work [Marvel Advance Review] – I was far too proud of how cleverly I constructed this review… There’s one cutesy bit I called out, one that’s (slightly) more subtle. If you’ve read the first issue, you’ll know what it is.

New Who Christmas Special Pics, Movies, and Bedtime Stories: What’s New With Doctor Who? – Beyond having fun writing these, it makes me super happy that not only is there enough Doctor Who news on a weekly basis for a round-up, but that I work for a place that allows me to write a weekly Doctor Who news round-up.

Brian Michael Bendis To Leave The Avengers…And Maybe Join The X-Men? [Op-Ed] – Well, I’m pretty convinced by my crackpot theory… Even though I know its probably wrong.

Kermit The Frog On The Future of The Muppets [Interview] – I think this goes under “life highlights,” though I’ll still hold out for interviewing a Muppet in person. That would make me faint.

6 Times The Avengers Previously Fought The X-Men – I did a bunch of research for this article… Enough that someone else posted this exact same list, said, “I used MTV Geek for inspiration,” and then proceeded to just straight up copy what I said. Point being, I managed to pretend I knew what I was talking about hard enough to be ripped off. Sweet. Side-note: this week, I saw someone post on Facebook that, “MTV Geek should stop trying to be Cracked, their writers are not funny.” Since I’m the only one who writes these lists, I’m again going to take the fact that someone got pissed enough to post on Facebook about my stuff that I’m doing something right.

10 Christmas Toys For Kids That Guys Buy For Themselves – Marni and I are seriously considering getting that Hot Wheels track.

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