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My Favorite Posts (That I Wrote): 1/30/12-2/5/12

Fringe’s “Forced Perspective” Feels, Well… Forced [Recap] I hate not liking an episode of Fringe this late in the game. Luckily, this week’s episode was back to form (mostly).

Sherlock Holmes Scholar Alan Barnes On Why We Go Nutty For Deerstalker Capped Detectives [Interview] I think, “Do you have Holmes in different area codes?” may be my favorite question I’ve ever asked anyone in an interview.

The 10 Best Inter-Company Comic Book Crossovers – Ever The best part about doing a list like this is the, “Wait, you totally forgot BLANK!”

The 10 Best Comics of January, 2012 I just like doing this every month because hopefully, whatever little selling power I/MTV Geek have, it helps a bit. I hope. At least, I pretend it does… I did totally sell a dude on Severed the other day, so win!

Star Wars TV Show Is Called ‘Underworld’… But Is It A Boba Fett Series? Well, of course it is, Mr. Rhetorical Questions.

What Is ‘Before Watchmen’ About? We’ve Got a Few Ideas… Nothing gave me more pleasure this week than posting this story, having someone soon after say on Twitter, “When are people going to start posting their ‘here’s what we think Before Watchmen is about’ articles?” and I was legitimately able to tweet back: “I did it thirty-five minutes ago.”

Game of Groundhogs This isn’t something I wrote, but I made a pretty amazing photoshopped groundhog, so I hope you’re all proud of me.

Before Watchmen, There Were 8 Other Unlikely Prequels…That Were Actually Good Finding out about some of these blew my mind a little – it’s always fun to research something when you only have half the info at your fingertips, and find some other cool niche stuff you’ve never heard of.

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