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My Favorite Posts (That I Wrote): 1/9/12-1/15/12

First off, even though I’ve mentioned it a million times on Twitter and Facebook and never in person because I only communicate through the computer, the big news this week was that Comic Book Club is now an official part of The Nerdist Network!

We’ve been doing the show over five years now, and we’ve worked for various people, and developed the show many, many different ways; but working with Chris Hardwick and company is, seriously, the best fit we’ve ever had. They’re an awesome bunch of talented folks, with a fantastic array of podcasts in various nerdy subjects, and I can’t thank them enough for including us.

Anyway, enough about me, here’s some links to posts I wrote this week:

‘Fringe’ Goes “Back To Where You’ve Never Been” With An All-New Episode [Recap] – I’ve mentioned this before, but I don’t think any show inspires me to write way longer than I should for a recap than Fringe. This week, I spent about thirty-six paragraphs analyzing one tossed-off two-word phrase, so enjoy!

DC’s Newer 52 Is Hopefully Just The Beginning Of Even Bigger Changes [Op-Ed] – I was pretty sleepy when I wrote this, so I think it’s probably three different op-eds jammed together without any full exploration… But I do believe strongly about the “seasons” approach to comics publishing I mention here. I think it could work (despite feeling the opposite about TV, confusingly).

‘The Rook’ Is ‘Downton Abbey’ With Superpowers [Book Review] – It’s either fortuitous, or short-sighted of me that I always reference the last thing I’ve watched in something I’m reviewing. Anyway, good, fun, probably under the radar book you should pick up.

Walt Simonson and Brian Bendis Team For Upcoming ‘Avengers’ Arc – Hearing Walt Simonson’s voice come out of the phone made my brain melt a little. My questions boiled down to, “You like Thor. Thor good. You draw Thor?”

Person of Interest’s Michael Emerson and Jonathan Nolan Go To Breakfast + EXCLUSIVE POI Picture – Fun fact! This happened in October, I pretended it happened the other day when I wrote this. Either way, if you want to read a story of me being terrified, here you go.

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