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My Favorite Posts (That I Wrote): 3/5/12-3/11/12

Hey, I haven’t done one of these posts for a month! I suck! Okay, here you go:

The 10 Best Comics of February 2012 I’m pretty happy with the variety on the list this month! That is all.

10 Replacement Characters That Made Their Comics Even Better This was a strangely difficult list to research, as there are plenty of legacy characters in comics – but not a lot that didn’t take a different name, or precipitate a renumbering of the title.

The ‘Saga’ Of Brian K. Vaughan: How He Went From Runaway Kids To Epic Fantasy [Advance Review] I really can’t stress enough how amazing the first issue of SAGA is… It actually can’t be hyped up enough, it’s just that good. Also, I re-read BKV’s first issues for this piece, and Y The Last Man #1, in particular, is amazingly good… He evens shows you how/why Yorick survives, and you don’t even know it yet.

10 Easy Ways To Drive Comic Book Fans Insane I actually got myself angry while writing this! Also: it was inspired by three separate people on Twitter all complaining about the Spider-Man hyphenation in under an hour. Also: the only comment on this post is amazing.

Death And The Goon: How Comics’ Revolving Door Could Take a Lesson From The Goon #38 This issue got pushed back a week, but don’t miss it; Eric Powell is doing things in this comic that no one else is, and it’s beautiful to watch.

The Real Princesses of ‘Fairest #1’: A Who’s Who Guide I now know that three of these are wrong, and I REFUSE to offer a correction. Take that.

10 Things You Should Know about Comics I’m told this got as many views as a “hotties” post, so take that people who say comics are only for guys, or something.

Paul Cornell Visits ‘Saucer Country’ For Vertigo [Interview] Another fun book! Add it to your pull-list on Wednesday.

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