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Not That Batman 2

I can’t believe we actually closed a show with this sketch. It’s awful. Sigh. Here’s the original sketch, which I’m actually proud of, if you’re interested.

Not That Batman 2

Announcer: And now, it’s time for another episode of Not That Batman!

Batman is seated with his back to the audience. Joker enters.

Joker: Ahahaha!  The joke’s on you, Gotham.  Now that I’ve trapped your beloved protector in this alley, no one will save you!  Say your prayers, Batman.  (He is about to strike Batman with a giant boxing glove.)

NTB: Huh? Whoa!  I’m not that Batman!

Joker: Ah!  Haha! Ah! (Penguin enters.)  Penguin, what are you doing here? (Penguin takes off a penguin’s head, eats it.) Uh! Uh!

NTB: Hey Penguin.

Penguin: Hey Batman.

Joker: What the hell’s come over you, Penguin?

Penguin: Funny story.  I was at home in my study, when a penguin crashed through my window.  So I swallowed it whole.

(Robin enters.)

Joker: Oh, great. Here’s Robin. (A bird tweets. Robin eats the Robin, cutting off the tweeting sound. With a full mouth-) Yes, of course. Oh, I give up. Nothing makes sense anymore! (Two-Face enters.)Oh, hello, Two-Face.

Two-Face: Hello.

Joker: Oh thank god. Good old reliable Two-Face.

Two-Face: Yup.  (They look at each other for a moment.  The Joker is relieved.)

Announcer: This has been another episode of Not That Batman!  Now stay tuned for – (Two-Face eats his second face)

Announcer & everyone else: Aw!  Gross!  Et Cetera!!

Note: I don’t think we actually said “et cetera” on stage, but I wish we did.

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