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SDCC Attendance vs. NYCC Attendance

Because apparently I have a lot of time on my hands, I was curious to see how the just released NYCC 2012 attendance figures - and specifically the growth of New York Comic Con - compared to the growth over the same time period for San Diego Comic Con. Couple of notes:

- I included the three years the Anime Fest wasn’t at the same time as NYCC, just for comparison’s sake.

- I went way further back with SDCC, mainly because at this point it seems like San Diego has maxed out pretty much since 2007. I don’t think that really tells the whole story, though, as SDCC has spilled over to the entire area around the Con center, with plenty of “attendees” not buying tickets; but showing up for the party.

- That said, as mentioned in the ICv2 article, NYCC is adding 90,000 sq. ft. next year, so has actual room for growth, where SDCC - other than being held officially on a bunch of boats or under the ocean - has ran out of room.

Most importantly, I should mention that in High School I hated statistics so much, I crammed everything I could into my short term memory, and aced a test that let me skip out of the class… Then promptly forgot everything. So someone with a better handle on stats and graphs, please take this data and do something useful with it. Thanks.