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Siri Is Sorry For My Loss

On Monday morning, I accidentally dropped my phone in the toilet. I had to get a replacement, and though I had backed up my data a good portion of the info and passwords on the phone were reset.

On Tuesday morning, my Grandmother passed away.

Wednesday, the service was held at a cemetery out on Long Island, to be followed by a reception (Shiva, if you’re Jewish) at her house in Queens. After the service, we went to visit the graves of my wife’s grandparents, as they’re in the same graveyard. By the time we were ready to leave, there was no one to caravan with.

So I asked Siri directions, and here’s what happened while I sat in the car in the cemetery after burying my grandmother.

Me: Directions to Grandma Mae’s house.

Siri: Okay, what is Grandma’s name?

Me: …Mae.

Siri: Mae Breskin is your Grandma?

Me: Yes! She was. Is. I–

Siri: You want me to remember Mae Breskin is your Grandma?

Me: Yes!!! Siri, please, stop.

Siri: Okay. I’ll remember your Grandma.

Me: …Thank you.

In case you’re wondering, we got to her house just fine.

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