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Snap Ya Neck (It’s The Dawn Of Justice)

Pretty excited about this, they just released the lyrics for the end credits rap from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Hopefully we’ll get to see a video soon, but regardless, I can’t wait to hear it in the theater while the credits roll!

Snap Ya Neck (It’s The Dawn Of Justice)
By Flo-Rida (Featuring Ludacris and Jesse Eisenberg)

Aw yeah…
Batman versus Superman
Dawn of Justice
Let’s kick it

Superman’s coming
(Snap ya neck!)
Batman’s coming
(Snap ya neck!)
Wonder Woman’s coming
(Snap ya neck!)
Justice coming
(Snap ya necks!)

Supes back with the attack
All the necks he gon’ snap
But Bats gets his way
Ain’t takin’ that crap
In Dark Knight Rises
Bane broke his back
In DOJ Bats, doin’ that snap!


Luda! Two snaps up.

In comes Diana, Prince if ya nasty
Saves Bats and Supes when things get blasty
She’s a warrior lady with a shield n’ sword
If you need her help, just say the word
Unless that word ain’t “snap those necks”
She’s Wonder Woman, you must respect
From the faraway island of Themyscira
Bats and Supes would love to marry her
But she loves snapping necks, can’t get enough
When it comes to snapping necks she likes it ruff
Like a dog, like a frog, like a late ‘90s pog
She’ll fight those dudes in the smoke and fog
There’s one thing she hates and that’s non-snapped necks
If you don’t want to die, she’ll take a rain check!

The name’s Jesse Eisenberg
Lex to my friends
When I see those necks
Gon’ make them bend
The wrong way
The long way
Gonna bend it like Doomsday
Now you see me?
Now you don’t
Lexy’s gon’ smile
When he snaps yer throat
From Zombieland t’Adventureland
I’ll ask my friends to lend a hand
I’ve got a ton, 500 mill to be precise
When I see Bats and Supes, gon’ put ‘em on ice!


It’s the Dawn Of Justice babies!
Time to snap those necks!
Let’s save a bunch of people
By snapping their necks!
Flo-Rida! Luda! Jesse E!
Batman V Superman
Snap those necks
It’s not an S
On my planet
It stands for
Snap ya neck!

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