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Some Stuff I Did This Week (Sept. 10-16, 2017)

Today as I was headed to the Jim Henson exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens (which is incredible, by the way, so definitely check it out), I stopped by a Panera Bread. A guy was leaving at the same time, exiting into the 80 degree weather. “Woah, who turned on the heat?” he exclaimed to his companion, who smiled politely. They chatted back and forth for a moment, and then he said again, a little louder, “Who turned on the heat?” and then laughed at his own joke for about 10 seconds.

Anyway, I wish I had the confidence of that guy, so here goes: some stuff I wrote and did this week.

23 Secrets We Learned on the Star Trek: Discovery Set

I’ve linked this before, but man it was fun visiting that set. No spoilers, really, but some neat details about the show.

From Martin Luther King, Jr., to Discovery, Star Trek’s Diversity is a Form of Activism

This is well worn territory, but I’m pretty proud of this article, and how it lays out the franchise’s long history of pushing the envelope by not seeming to push any envelopes.

In Gotham Season 4, Batman Finally Begins

Man, I love this very silly show, and the first two eps finally deliver on something fans have been asking about since the pilot. One detail I left out? This show is often very funny, between all the ultra-violence. I laughed out loud several times watching these episodes. Hot tip: take a drink every time Ivy is told to get out of a room.

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