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Some Stuff I Did This Week (Sept. 24-30, 2017)

In last week’s classic “Some Stuff I Did This Week” I talked about how I’ve been pushing myself to write more, in order to tap back into my inner creativity and combat the doldrums that have impacted every aspect of my life for the past few months.

This week, I didn’t do that much. Actually, that’s not true; but as Ian Malcolm always says, “life finds a way to get you very busy and give you excuses to not do the things you want to do.” I still did THINGS but I didn’t produce STUFF, if that makes sense.

Regardless, I’m finding that posting a weekly round-up is a good way of pushing, re-centering and focusing myself on the tasks at hand. If I don’t have a lot to write down here, then clearly I haven’t done my job (well, my metaphoric job, not the actual job I get paid for; I did that).

Anyway, here’s what I actually did create this past week:


I’ll be perfectly honest since it’s just the two of us here: this was partially inspired by MTV’s press releases for the new TRL. I used to work at MTV, I love MTV, I bet I even know some of the folks involved in those press releases. But the constant churn of language used to describe people involved in the channel – two participants in the new TRL are called “content creators” – will always be funny to me. So yes, this started with that, and then spun off from there. I actually kind of wish it was a little longer, but after doing some research on birth announcements, I realized they’re not like wedding announcements – i.e., long stories. Probably mainly because “they had sex and nine months later, a baby” is the story almost every time.

Star Trek: Discovery Boldly Pays Tribute to the Franchise – While Blasting It Into the Future

I really like Star Trek: Discovery a lot, and strongly recommend you watch this week’s episode, which completely changes the show yet again. In fact, if you haven’t watched the first two that’s okay (you should) because the third episode is essentially its own pilot. Anywho, above is my review “for fans,” for the first two episodes, and I thought it was important to go at length about how I often feel like a bad fan.

100 Secrets From The Walking Dead’s Hundredth Episode

This is the thing that wrecked me for the rest of the week. It wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever written, but it is quite possibly the longest, one hundred impressions, quotes and notes I took while visiting the set of TWD this past Summer. Short version, the set is stunning and at some point I’ll write about how much Walking Dead has changed my life (for the better) through a variety of weird experiences. Point is, I wrote this for fans, and non-fans – but I got a lot of great feedback from the hardcores, and that meant the world to me.

The Stack: Thor, Wonder Woman and The Black Monday Murders

I really like Thor a lot! Pete and I discuss the controversy around Wonder Woman! Black Monday Murders continues to be very good! Enjoy!

Comic Book Club: Reed Tucker

Reed Tucker wrote a book called “Slugfest” about the long battle between Marvel and DC. It’s a lot of fun, and this SHOW was a lot of fun, despite some mic problems early on. I think around year 20 of doing this show we’ll figure out our mic problems. Stay Tuned!

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