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Some Stuff I Made These Weeks (2/15-2/26, 2016)

Or: You Gotta Pay The Troll Toll

The last two weeks were a little all over the place. I got hideously sick, with my nose literally (figuratively, actually) turning into a faucet. I had a few back and forth days of taking care of kids. And probably a third thing I’m forgetting, but point is after a few weeks of diligently churning out at least one creative thing a day, I faltered.

So maybe in reaction – to be honest, I’m not 100% sure – this week I wrote nothing but troll pieces. Like, straight up trolling people. I tried to make some more heartfelt, deeper, more researched pieces, but my heart just wasn’t in it. Maybe it’s the darkness seeping into the world due to the election. Maybe it’s how annoyed I was at myself for not creating enough last week. Or maybe I’m just a troll.

Yeah, probably the last. Anywho, here’s some stuff I made the past two weeks.

Now That “Deadpool” Is A Success, Maybe We Can Finally Get A “Spider-Man” Movie

It begins! I wrestled with making this an actual article about how Deadpool could inspire Spider-Man on to the right path as a franchise. Then I decided, ah, f–k it.

“The Walking Dead” Made A Major Mistake With Its Time Jump

To be fair, I think Walking Dead got away from the type of storytelling I make fun of in this piece a few seasons back; but it always returns there, and certainly was my biggest fear going into an episode like this. Happily, the show is going full throttle ahead with no signs of turning back.

I Think I Have A Solution To The Kesha/Dr. Luke Problem

I was terrified writing this. Terrified. There’s really nothing funny about the Kesha situation, and certainly writing something semi-farcical about it walks a thin line. Which is why I’m letting out a big sigh of relief that not only did I hear good feedback about it, but also feminist Medium publication Athena Talks picked it up for inclusion. I’m still gonna be terrified next time I tackle something like this, though.

The Flash’s Huge Zoom Reveal, Explained (Sort Of)

Hey, my first article for ComicBookResources! I originally posted it on Medium, then they picked it up which was super nice. Even if I was being kind of a jerk to Flash fans… Though to be fair, that big Zoom reveal kept me up most of the night trying to puzzle it out. So take that.

The Flash Who Is Zoom? Teasers

I guess I’m a little sad they finally revealed Zoom, because I wanted to keep making these. Also nobody called me on naming Emily Kinney’s character “Bee Lady,” which also makes me sad. I am so sad.

Snap Ya Neck (It’s The Dawn Of Justice)

Combining my three great loves: end-credits raps; trolling; and ragging on Batman V Superman. I’m also going to be a little sad when this movie finally comes out, because I’ve had such a great time making fun of it. I kind of felt the same way about Fifty Shades, and I’d argue that I’ve never been more creative in my life than trying to come up with increasingly gross sexual innuendos for otherwise straightforward news pieces on Fifty Shades. Same with BvS. Except for the sexual innuendos. Most of the time.


Why are we putting up with this guy? Honestly.

Fifth Harmony’s “Work From Home” Video Perfectly Captures The Experience Of Working From Home

As of this moment, my tweet about this article has been retweeted and liked nearly 200 times. Guess how many of those Harmonizers actually read the piece? Anyway, as I think is becoming my MO, I snuck in some real, dark feelings I’m having in the middle of this otherwise fluffy listicle.

Walking Dead: Rick’s Note

Never let Andrew Lincoln forget Love, Actually. Never.

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