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Some Stuff I Wrote This Week (1/25-1/29, 2016)

This week I wrote some stuff! Here is that stuff:

Six Degrees Of Perd Hapley

Today (1/29) is the 14th anniversary of Dwayne McDuffie’s Tommy Westphall Theory. Semi-coincidentally, I wrote about a new theory, specifically one connecting all/most of TV through the very literal “Parks & Recreation” news anchor Perd Hapley. But secretly it’s about why fan theories are/aren’t important.

Batman, Superman And The Dusk Of Superhero Uber-Masculinity

I guess I could have come up with a more pretentious title for this? Anyway, a deep dive into why “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” is the last superhero movie of its kind, and how we’re about to – and need to – move into a golden age of female led superhero movies.

The “UnReal” Title Sequence Is Unsettling, Alarming, And Utterly Brilliant

Well it is. If you’re a nerd for title sequences on TV shows like I am, give this a read please, even if you’ve never watched “UnReal.”

Did George Lucas Name Luke Skywalker After Himself?

Spoiler, yes he did. I don’t know how I went several decades without realizing this, but I laid out the massive evidence for how the “Star Wars” creator named his lead character after himself – and why that’s so important to know in 2016.

Why Are There Ducks On Naboo? Convergent Evolution In The Star Wars Universe

Continuing the “Star Wars” theme, here’s a piece for the Tech Times with a pseudo-scientific explanation for why there might be Earth animals in the “Star Wars” galaxy. Also: bees.

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