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Some Stuff I Wrote This Week (2/1-2/5, 2016)

My second full week of aiming to write something new every day (I know, unheard of)! Here’s some of the stuff I wrote for you to please enjoy!

“Elmo’s Song” and the Heartbreaking Lie of Creation

This one started as a joke and ended up being something deeper. I always find the idea of fame, how someone becomes famous, and how fleeting/ephemeral that is to be fascinating, so I’m glad this ended up resonating a little more. As a nice bonus, Medium publication The Outtake picked it up to reprint, and did a really nice job of reformatting the whole thing so it’s way less bare bones.

How To Make Mac & Cheese — Without All The Unnecessary Crying!

I’m not even remotely joking when I say this is the most personal piece I’ve ever published on the Internet. It’s also a totally real, totally good recipe for mac and cheese!

“Mad Max: Fury Road” Is Okay, I Guess

I wrestled with whether this should have a less troll-y headline, but it stuck in my head from when I first had the idea for the essay, and I’m really bad at filtering that kind of thing out. Anyway, this deals with another idea I believe pretty strongly in, that valleys are as important as peaks. That’ll make more sense if you read the piece, probably. But it’s true.

Why Do Clark Kent’s Glasses Mask Superman’s Identity? Lots Of Reasons

Another fun piece for Tech Times, I had completely forgotten about Clark’s kryptonite glasses phase.

How To Write When You Have Nothing To Write About

Can you tell that I didn’t know what to write about today? I didn’t, so instead I ended up writing about the writer’s block breaking technique I’ve taught in dozens of sketch comedy classes. It really works, too.

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