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Staaaar Trek… Nothing But… Staaaar Trek

Late last month (that would be August) I was lucky enough to visit the Toronto based set of Star Trek: Discovery as part of the international press junket.

I got a bunch of things out of it, which I’ll link to below, but nothing geeked me out more, honestly, than walking down the hallways of the USS Discovery. Like, they were Starfleet hallways. Real ways. That stretched on and on, and actually had rooms branching off of them. Plus, the show tries to use natural lighting wherever possible, so it really felt like you were there.

Even sitting in the captain’s seat and being on the bridge didn’t have the same feeling as walking through those halls. This was pretty cool, though:

Also, this was pretty cool: I was doing a few intros and wraps for videos, and had a minute left so asked if I could do a quick tour of the bridge. Only thing, all the info I got on the bridge happened after the taping, so I didn’t know anything. Sadly, my producer cut the part where I pointed out that there was a door on the bridge, which he described as “a little too dumb.”

Anyway, watch it, and try to understand how cool this felt (and also how dumb).

I also wrote two lengthy articles (with more to come). First is your pretty standard “sekrits I learned” article, but it was fun to write, because it’s a fun, beautiful set they’ve put a lot of thought into:

Second is a piece about how Discovery is continuing the Star Trek franchise’s push for diversity. Look, I know a lot has been written about this. But I tried to be as comprehensive as possible, using quotes I got from the cast, the history of the movies and TV shows, and ended up pouring as much of my heart as I could into the ending.

It may not be the only piece in the world on Discovery’s diversity, but I hope it’s a good one:

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