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Stargate Universe: “Trial & Error” Recap

Stargate Universe Episode 2x06 - "Trial and Error"

I like Stargate Universe too much. It’s pretty clearly Battlestar Gatelactica – and lite, at that – but it’s totally a guilty pleasure. I’d argue that it’s gotten better over time, too, but I’m probably fooling myself. At the very least, it’s a typical space opera made slightly better by co-opting Battlestar’s visual aesthetic. Point being, I like watching it. And I don’t need to defend myself to you, so take that!

This episode, Young is having nightmares about the evil blue aliens from planet whatever coming to take Chloe. And no matter how many times he has the same dream, he just cannot stop acting like Admiral Adama. Seriously, he does everything short of throwing paint on the walls, or insisting that he be allowed to direct a DVD movie of the show. It’s kind of silly how little this show can’t escape the Adama/Baltar dynamic (Rush is Baltar, but only slightly less but still kind of evil).

Meanwhile, Eli is romancing the red-headed Lucian alliance girl with the help of the Latino soldier I still don’t know the name of after two seasons [NOTE: possibly me being racist, but more likely it’s just that these characters are more easily remembered by their one major characteristic. Like “Angry Latino Solider” and “Chloe.” Oh wait, I am racist. Never mind.]

In typical Scifi fashion, Eli wins the girl who was raised in a post-apocalyptic wasteland to kill, kill, kill by opening up about his feelings, and also, she previously fell in love with his use of math.

Actually, that’s probably why I like this show: the silly escapism. Want to be an awkward nerd, but get the girl? SGU got you covered. How about if you want to abuse everyone around you, act like an evil a-hole, be super suspicious, and still have everyone’s respect? You’re Rush, and SGU has got that, too.

Anyway, back to the plot: the dreams are actually Destiny’s way of running battle simulations, because you can’t have a machine in science fiction without it playing somehow into the emotional struggles of the main characters. And when everybody realizes that, they realize that Young, who is drunk as a space-skunk (which is actually not that drunk, because space-skunks have a high tolerance for liquor), needs to man up and get moving so the ship can start moving again, too. By the way, the ship stopped moving. Unimportant.

So Young steps up to the plate, and gets his groove back (even though he loses his groove every third episode), while Rush secretly saves the day by jumping the ship back to FTL from his secret pilot’s compartment. Why nobody looks at the top of the ship, where Rush is spending most of his time, and wonders why they think the can pilot the ship from somewhere in the middle rather than, oh, the front is beyond me, but hey, I’m not trapped billions of miles away in space, so I can afford to be snarky.

Like I said, this is my guilty pleasure, so I don’t think I can judge any episodes of this effectively. I will say the dream sequences, which I hate on principle, where tightly filmed, particularly the first one with Scott getting sucked out the window. It was actually a huge bummer when he wasn’t sucked out, as I’d love to see this show stop resetting every episode or so. Give us something crazy, like the assisted suicide a few episodes back, and this actually transcends itself and the genre. Keep setting things back to the way they were, and you get what this show usually is: fun, but disposable scifi.


  • The red-headed nerd love interest for Eli was the evil/good angel from last season’s Supernatural. Nerd fact!
  • So Chloe is turning into Illyria? Nerd question/dig!
  • You can tell how much trouble a character is on TV by how much they forget to shave.
  • Don’t take Cialis if you’ve severed your penis, or never had one to begin with.
  • SyFy seems to be systematically eliminating complicated scifi for the light version. Battlestar for SGU; Caprica for Battlestar: Blood & Chrome, Ghost Hunters for MILF Hunters.
  • These new evil aliens are nothing like Cylons, you guys, so shut up.
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