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Twin Scientists! It’s the first episode of @elephantlarry’s brand new animated series that we’ve been working on forever!

The Brown Bunny! I co-wrote, starred, and edited what is maybe the weirdest NSFW sketch ever.

Jerf is dead! LONG LIVE JERF. I directed this new Elephant Larry sketch, so check it out! Okay? Okay.


Carrots The Horse For US Centaur!

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New Video! Star Light, Star Bright, in which Chris wishes on a star and all his dreams come true.

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Foursquare of Thrones

…Because if they haven’t already, someone was going to do it.

Originally, I was going to do the entire plot, but then I decided the time/benefit was a little bit off there. Feel free to add your own “check-ins!” But don’t make this into a mummer’s farce, okay?

"Disgusting Foods With Alex Zalben" - Geoff shot me eating some gross-ish stuff on the downtime from shooting new @elephantlarry videos. This is that video!

Honestly, nothing was THAT disgusting. Just sayin’

"Hardly Working: Secret Society" - Check it out, here’s the sketch @elephantlarry did as part of @collegehumor’s All-Nighter! We got to wear robes, and punch people, so all in all, a good time was had.

"Elephant Larry’s Treehouse: What Your Mom Said" - Another @elephantlarry Treehouse episode! OMG! I directed and edited this one, and that’s all I’ve got to say about it!

"Got Milk?" - New @elephantlarry sketch, directed by me and Geoff, Edited by me. Also I’m in it or something.

Sesame Street: Upstairs, Downstairs

This is kind of my favorite thing ever.

"Con Air Rap" - Brand new @elephantlarry sketch! I edited and directed, @solomaniac laid down the phat beats, and Con Air continued to be awesome, as always.

Salty language in this one, so if you want a SFW version, you can watch that here:

As the title says, @elephantlarry is on The Sound of Young America’s Best Comedy of 2010 special, which is totally flattering. Even more flattering, we’re on there with Paul F. Tompkins, The State, Aziz Ansari, and plenty more awesome comedians.

We’re on the episode at about 50 minutes, but you should really listen to the whole episode, because it is awesome.

Stuff Talks (via geniuscamp)

Before Comedy Thunder, there was Genius Camp, and this awesome little sketch came out of it.

Handjob, Bland Job, I Don’t Understand Job

I’ve mentioned before how you can create comedy by taking something dirty and making it clean, or vice versa. This is taking something dirty and making it clean(ish). Also, the song’s been stuck in my head for days.

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