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Hey look! It’s @comicbooklive’s review of Elysium, now up on @NerdistChannel:

Get More: MTV Shows

LOST’s Dominic Monaghan (@DomsWildThings) is a HUGE @StarWars fan. Here’s what part he wants in J.J. Abrams new flick!

Here’s a picture of the new Jaeger from Pacific Rim!

Even I barely get this joke.

New Elephant Larry sketch I directed, with awesome effects from Stefan Lawrence. Can YOU name five Jude Law movies?

Interesting tat, Mandarin… Does that look like an “A” in a Captain America shield to anyone else?

"Con Air Rap" - Brand new @elephantlarry sketch! I edited and directed, @solomaniac laid down the phat beats, and Con Air continued to be awesome, as always.

Salty language in this one, so if you want a SFW version, you can watch that here:

"That’s no moon pie! Oh wait, actually, it is a moon pie."

Cool Stuff: Star Wars Death Star Cookie Jar | /Film

Ghostbusters Recut Trailer (via Rothejfunk)

This has effectively convinced me that if they do a remake of Ghostbusters, it should be dead serious.

Look, I’m sorry, but I just can’t accept a Peter Parker with hair that tall, which he doesn’t have in the comic. They’re ruining my childhood, etc!

(Seriously though, where the crap is Gwen Stacy’s headband, you guys?)

First look at Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker - Filmonic

There’s a small part of me that wishes this ended with Anne Hathaway ended the part that got cut off with all the screaming, “I’m here to officially invite you to…” with “…a screening of Love and Other Drugs!”

Oh well, I guess this is nice, too.

Anne Hathaway Gives PS22 Chorus an OSCAR Surprise!! (via agreggofsociety)

Wanted to try my hand at the latest meme on the Internet, those great mismatched quotes things, so here goes:

Hm, that’s not it… How about this one:

That’s not quite right either. Let’s try this one:

There we go.

Hey, I got Tim Boo Ba in there! So that’s a win for everyone.

Butting makes me feel good.

Cool Stuff: GhostButters T-Shirt | /Film

Doctor Who Meets Star Wars Parody (via Kelvington)

The credits are insanely long, but goddamn, I would watch the crap out of this as a full length movie.