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Hey neat! Someone taped the panel I did with @scottlava at NYCC. 

Scott C. on Unbound Stage at NYCC 2012 (by Reid Harris Cooper)

SDCC Attendance vs. NYCC Attendance

Because apparently I have a lot of time on my hands, I was curious to see how the just released NYCC 2012 attendance figures - and specifically the growth of New York Comic Con - compared to the growth over the same time period for San Diego Comic Con. Couple of notes:

- I included the three years the Anime Fest wasn’t at the same time as NYCC, just for comparison’s sake.

- I went way further back with SDCC, mainly because at this point it seems like San Diego has maxed out pretty much since 2007. I don’t think that really tells the whole story, though, as SDCC has spilled over to the entire area around the Con center, with plenty of “attendees” not buying tickets; but showing up for the party.

- That said, as mentioned in the ICv2 article, NYCC is adding 90,000 sq. ft. next year, so has actual room for growth, where SDCC - other than being held officially on a bunch of boats or under the ocean - has ran out of room.

Most importantly, I should mention that in High School I hated statistics so much, I crammed everything I could into my short term memory, and aced a test that let me skip out of the class… Then promptly forgot everything. So someone with a better handle on stats and graphs, please take this data and do something useful with it. Thanks.

Hey look! Here’s a cool event you can go to in a few weeks… I’m honored to be moderating the Scott C: Great Showdowns panel at NYCC for Titan Books, where we’ll discuss important issues like, who would win in a fight: some guy, or some other guy? I’ll also be all over the show covering stuff for MTV Geek, but this is a chance to watch me sit down and talk to an awesome dude so DO NOT MISS IT:

Friday, October 12, 7-7:45pm, Unbound Stage

Moderated by: Alex Zalben

** SHOW EXCLUSIVE: First time available: Scott Campbell’s The Great Showdowns ! 

Signing:  Friday, October 12, 12:15pm – 1.15pm

Scott Campbell is a New York native whose art is celebrated around the world.  He is a maker of paintings, illustrations, comics, kid’s books and video games.  Part of the Gallery 1988 phenomenon, people flood galleries to see his work and snap up his wondrous and wondrously fun pieces.  Some of his most notable projects include the Great Showdowns series, Igloo Head and Tree Head series, Double Fine Action Comics, Hickee Comics, the children’s books Zombie In Love and East Dragon, West Dragon.

Here Scott C. talks about his work recreating some of the best and most iconic moments of movie and TV culture from his latest project The Great Showdowns with Titan Books.   With a foreword by Neil Patrick Harris (a fan who owns several originals from the series), The Great Showdownscollects the most memorable moments of melee, interpreted by Scott in his inimitable style, including Chief Brody vs Jaws, Die Hard’s John McClane vs broken glass, Ripley vs the Alien Queen and even Spinal Tap vs an undersized model of Stonehenge.