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LOST’s Dominic Monaghan (@DomsWildThings) is a HUGE @StarWars fan. Here’s what part he wants in J.J. Abrams new flick!

About to go Topical Trick R’ Treating for Halloween. #DisneyStarWars

"Star Wars: Underworld" Teaser Poster - Inspired by a Twitter chat with @hellocookie, but I feel like it’s missing a few Enterprises or something.

Robot Chicken’s Matt Senreich Reviews Star Wars Toys -

This was a fun one to do… I always love talking to Matt Senreich, having interviewed him before for UGO, and Newsarama. Here, we got to chat for a while about some ridiculous Star Wars toys (and a little bit about Robot Chicken Star Wars 3).

Doctor Who Meets Star Wars Parody (via Kelvington)

The credits are insanely long, but goddamn, I would watch the crap out of this as a full length movie.