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Check out @JasonAaron, @PancakeLady, and @AxelAlonsoMarv on how to pitch a ‘Thor’ comic book, with a sneak look inside the writer’s room! Specifically, how to pitch, ‘Thor: God of Thunder,’ which is an awesome book you should all be reading.

Here’s a direct link, in case the embed doesn’t show up for ya:

Hey, I was on @collegehumor’s Nerd Alert, talking about Thor, Doctor Who, and Axe Cop! So you should watch that.

Best Cover of the Year? Or Just Ever?

Look, I know I was involved in this thing, so I’m a little biased - and I’m not even going to begin to suggest sticking Thor and the Warriors Four on any Best Of lists - but credit where it’s due: GuriHiru created possibly one of the best comic book covers of all time as you see above. So if you are putting together year end lists, I’m submitting this for your consideration.

So there ya go.

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