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So what am I thankful for this year? I think it’s that a comic I wrote for Marvel over two years ago still gets constantly reposted and talked about Tumblr, and people like the one below are still excited enough about it to repost and encourage people to buy it.

I recently tried to track down copies of the trade paperback because I was running low, and it’s technically out of print, I think. I finally tracked down a cache of the book from a wonderful used bookseller, and they told me they stock so much because it sells briskly to the international market. Two years later! That’s crazy.

This was still one of the best working experiences I ever had, and that’s all due to Gurihiru, Dave Sharpe, Jordan D. White, Nate Cosby, and Colleen Coover, who are all amazing people I hope to work with again some day.

Anyway, thanks guys, seeing this post, and posts like this make not just my day or week, but honestly, life. I’m glad I helped make something that meant this much to people.



See that page I just posted? Just there, above the bold text. That is my all time favorite page from any comic ever. Thor and Beta Ray Bill, conversing through Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive.

Who is Beta Ray Bill, you ask? THIS IS BETA RAY BILL!

What page from, you also ask? I AM ABOUT TO TELL YOU! This is from Thor and the Warriors Four, my all time favorite mini-comic. It was a little four issue run, written by Alex Zalben and drawn by, wait for it, Gurihiru studios. You know. The same studio that drew Avengers vs X-Babies that you’ve all gone so batshit over? WHAT’S THAT? YOU WANT MORE OF THAT GORGEOUS ART? WELL!

Thor and the Warriors Four is a story about Power Pack, four siblings with extraordinary powers (Some of you might know Julie Powers from Avengers Academy!). Hit with the news that their grandmother might be dying, the kids decide to embark on a trip to Asgard, and employ Thor in order to get their mitts on some of those golden apples, the ones that make the gods…godly.

Naturally, there are hijinks along the way, they get waylaid by evil and nefarious plans, and the whole four issue run is just fucking fantastic. I’ve read this cover to digital cover more times than I can count, and it never gets less funny, less tearjerking, less heartwarming, or less fantastic.



Did I fail to mention that everyone in Asgard gets turned into a baby by SOME NEFARIOUS MAGIC USER WHO COULD IT BE? Because they do. And it’s so fucking precious that I can’t stand it.

IS THAT SOME BABY WARRIORS THREE? Ya’ll best believe there is a tattoo of baby upside down Hogun in my future.


Which is right here!

Guys, you can get this entire thing for $8. Let me make this clear, I do not work for I don’t get anything out of this. I just re-read this comic tonight and it fills me with such love that I have to share it. And you’re getting TWO stories, because each issue has a fantastic backup story about Hercules babysitting said Power Pack. GODS. KIDS. HORSE THORS.

I am begging you all. Buy this book. It’s so fun. Then come back here and TELL me about it, and we can TALK about it, and that’s the best thing about comics, right? This is a great gateway comic, too. It introduces you to WONDERFUL characters that you can follow into other books! GO AND BUY THIS COMIC.

…what. You want one more picture? Okay. Just one.

I thought that might get your attention.

Hey, I was on @collegehumor’s Nerd Alert, talking about Thor, Doctor Who, and Axe Cop! So you should watch that.

The Almost Friday Show names ‘Thor and the Warriors Four’ one of their Best of 2010! Thanks guys, and go watch the show for the rest of their picks, including Box 13, Scott Pilgrim, and more. Yay!

The Almost Friday Show – Episode 41: A Year In Review, Alan.

Man, this is really gonna make me blush, I’m flattered. Girls Read Comics Too calls Thor and the Warriors Four Best Limited Series, #4 takes Best Single Issue, and I got runner-up for Best Writer, with Giruhiru for Best Artist. Yipes!

Please head over to the link and check out their full list, there’s some great selections on there - and some of them aren’t even about me!

Best Cover of the Year? Or Just Ever?

Look, I know I was involved in this thing, so I’m a little biased - and I’m not even going to begin to suggest sticking Thor and the Warriors Four on any Best Of lists - but credit where it’s due: GuriHiru created possibly one of the best comic book covers of all time as you see above. So if you are putting together year end lists, I’m submitting this for your consideration.

So there ya go.

(More at

Girls Read Comics Too says ‘Thor and the Warriors Four’ is one of their favorite miniseries of the year!

This miniseries is the perfect balance of what Marvel needs more of these days; light-hearted books that span every age group, but doesn’t sacrifice good storytelling. Gurihuru’s art may be cutesy, but it’s absolutely brilliant, and fits the tone the book sets. Alex Zalben does a fantastic job merging Thor and Power Pack’s worlds, as well as coming up with a very human storyline for the Power family to kick things off and lead into the super storyline. This is a story about love of family, at its heart.

This is me blushing <— And you can read the rest of the review, as well as their other picks, at the link below!

Chantaal’s Favorites: Miniseries | Girls Read Comics Too

Another nice review of the Thor and the Warriors Four trade, from a site called Reviewstream:

Marvel Comics certainly came out with a gem in Thor and the Warriors Four. A good story with a moral lesson, pretty art, Thor in diapers…what more do I need to look for in a great “kiddie comic”?