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Things I Liked Yesterday: January 5th

When you’re posting “Things I Liked Today” at 2pm the next day, you’ve got to change the name. Anyway, here’s some things I liked yesterday:

Ms. Marvel #1: As mentioned, I do AR Recaps for Marvel, so got to read the first issue script for G. Willow Wilson’s new series. This is a special one. Really. No spoilers at all, other than it has a beautiful, unique sense of character, and anyone who likes classic Marvel will love this book. You guys say you want different things in comics? This is completely different, and yet surprisingly familiar at the same time. It doesn’t come out until February, but you can reserve it at a comic book shop now. And you should.

Downton Abbey: This show is nowhere near where it was in the first season, but its gone from being a soap elevated by excellent acting and writing, to a soap that looks really good. That’s okay, though: it’s as comfortable as a warm cup of tea.

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