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Last updated on March 3, 2019

What Happens To Red Hulk’s Mustache When He Transforms? – By Alex Zalben + Josh Kenfield

1. You should check out Josh’s delightful graphic novel Scrooge & Santa, and buy a million copies. Also check out his website, which has a fun bonus cartoon today.

2. This is just a parody strip made for fun, and has nothing to do with anything, really. All the characters are completely the property of Marvel Comics.

3. Apologies to JDW, who I believe made a similar joke to this, and is a rad dude.

4. If for some weird reason you read this, and want to know more about Red Hulk, I highly recommend Jeff Parker’s current, awesome run on Hulk, because it’s awesome, and awesome things are awesome. Here’s a link to the first, new reader friendly trade on Amazon.

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