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Hey, I’ve Got A Short Story In This Thing

Last updated on March 4, 2019

So, here’s some news: I have a brand new short story coming out in an anthology from Third Flatiron, on June 15.

The story is titled “And Yet They Move,” and is one of twenty surely awesome stories all revolving around the theme “Galileo’s Theme Park.” And the even better news is, it’s super cheap to pick up! And you have lots of ways of picking it up! And even if you hate my story, it’s a bargain for the other stories! Please don’t hate my story!

1) Pre-order the e-book on Amazon! It’ll eventually be coming out as a trade paperback, but first it’ll be pubbed as an e-book. And you can pre-order it now for the low price of $4.99. That’s less than a venti double mocha crunch supreme frappuccino!

2) Subscribe to the Patreon! If you pledge $1 a month (or, you know, $12/year), you’ll get all of Third Flatiron’s e-books. Hey, this anthology is one of those e-books! So you’ll get that e-book! Cool!

3) Review the book! I don’t want to make any big promises, but if you’re interested in writing a review, lemme know and I might be able to sneak you a copy. NO PROMISES. (Seriously, no promises, legit inquiries only thnx bye)

Here’s the official description from Amazon:

Third Flatiron presents “Galileo’s Theme Park,” a new anthology of science fiction, dark fantasy, horror, and humor. Twenty short stories by an international group of authors explore how the universe has changed since Humanity took a closer look at the stars. Journey with us on a speculative expedition to the lands beyond Earth opened to us by
Galileo’s telescope.

Are we alone in the universe? Third Flatiron’s new speculative fiction anthology, “Galileo’s Theme Park,” explores themes such as space exploration and adventure, religion, and cosmology. A flash humor section, “Grins and Gurgles,” is also featured.

“Galileo’s Theme Park” is an original and varied collection of science fiction/fantasy, humor, and horror from an international group of contributors. Writers include Alexander Zalben, Ginger Strivelli, Steve Toase, Dr. Jackie Ferris, Eric J. Guignard, Jemima Pett, Erica Ruppert, Connie Vigil Platt, Justin Short, Wendy Nikel, Jimmy Huff, Adrik Kemp, Neil James Hudson, G. D. Watry, Jo Miles, Martin M. Clark, Rachel Rodman, Ville Nummenpää, Art Lasky, and Lisa Timpf. Edited by Juliana Rew.

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