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I’m not really going to post any of my thoughts on 9/11 necessarily, but I’ll say this: in the nine years since 2001, every single September 11th I’ve ended up doing a comedy show.

This isn’t on purpose, particularly because the first year after, I certainly didn’t feel like being funny on that day. And though every year has been a little easier, it’s still very much at the front of my mind.

That said, it’s always just kind of happened that on that day, I’m doing some sort of show – either a run coincides with the date, I get invited to do a show, or that’s the only day the theater has free. I think it’s probably a good thing, too… As comedy shows is what I like to do.

One thing I will share is that ten years ago, on September 12th, as I wandered around the city with my good friend Stefan Lawrence just walking and trying to figure things out, we ended up passing by the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. It was open, and we decided to go in and see what was going on.

There was a small audience, but everybody who was there was THERE. The audience wasn’t casually seeing a comedy show, and the performers weren’t casually performing. Everyone was aware of what happened the previous day, and what it meant to be in a comedy theater the day after… And how badly we wanted to laugh. That night, though I can’t remember who performed, or what they talked about, I know I laughed so hard I was crying.

I guess I did post some thoughts on 9/11, so there you go.

Point being, I’m doing a show today, and I’m co-hosting it with Stefan, so that’s pretty nice. It’s this:

@ The Peoples Improv Theater
123 E. 24th Street, btwn. Park and Lex
4:30pm-5:30pm (probably)

Basically, the idea of the podcast is that there’s a different host every week, and the hilarious Will Nunziata is the constant “guest.” We’ll be chatting about Dad stuff, and sketch comedy, and it should be cool. And that’s it! Not to turn this into a show plug, but there it is… Whatever you do today, I hope you do at least one thing that you love to do.

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