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Steel Wolf Marathon

I just came from narrowly missing my friend running in the New York Marathon. What I didn’t miss was the awesome music playing at the Dunkin’ Donuts across the street from us…

It was a metal band called Steel Wolf, who had the brilliant idea to play their new album as loud as possible while everyone ran down the street. So you could cheer on all of your friends, while being serenading by such hits as “Shoplifting Bananas,” and “Spread The Love Mayonnaise.”

Easily the best song, though, was “Stinkfinger!” which was just that word repeated over and over and over again. Better than that was what the wife thought they were singing, which was “Snake Bingo!” So we’ve been singing “Snake Bingo” all day. Here’s the lyrics:

Snake Bingo (Sung to the tune of “Stinkfinger!”)
Snake Bingo
Snake Bingo
Snake Bingo
Never play bingo,
with a snake!

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