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The Screening With 1000 Faces

So I’ve been waiting to see this screening of Amazing Spider-Man for about two hours, as the projector slowly, ever so slowly loads… Anyway, the guy next to me is reading Hero With a Thousand Faces, so let’s see if I can relate this experience to Campbell’s monomyth!

The Call to Adventure: Easy one! I found out I could go to an advance Spider-Man screening.

Refusal Of The Call: I had to teach the same night, so didn’t think I could go.

Supernatural Aid: …Then another guy was happy to sub for my class, as if by magic!

The Crossing Of The First Threshold: I said goodbye to my daughter and headed to the subway.

The Belly of the Whale: That’s kind of what riding a subway is like.

The Road of Trials: They didn’t have my name on the list, but gave me a ticket anyway.

Meeting With The Goddess: Lady took my ticket at the door, gave me some 3-D glasses! Calling her a goddess is probably generous!

Woman as Temptress: This is probably the showing of Magic Mike I thought about sneaking into once we were waiting for a while.

Atonement with the Father: This guy Joe keeps telling me we’re going to be okay, and the show should start soon. I think we’ve come to an understanding.

Apotheosis: I decided to figure out how the hero’s journey applied to this screening I was waiting for.

The Ultimate Boon: I assume this would be actually watching the movie? I hope?

Anyway, that’s where I am now; the next step, Refusal of the Return would probably be sneaking into Magic Mike instead of going home? We’ll see.

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