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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

It’s almost New Year’s, and that means its time for resolutions. Normally I haven’t bothered a whole lot with ‘em, because I know I (like most of the world) will break them in a few weeks time. So I try to stay manageable.

For example, the past two years, I resolved not to use my cell phone for a full day. Totally crushed it both years.

This year though, I’m going to try something a little more massive, and to do it properly I’m going to do it publicly… Because otherwise lack of pressure will probably make it fade away.

My New Year’s Resolution is to post things that I liked every single day, for an entire year.

There are two specific goals here:

Goal #1: The Internet, as well as myself, are generally pretty negative… To put it lightly. It’s way easier to focus on things that are bad, than things that are good. So in an effort to get myself thinking more positively, I’m going to post anything positive I encountered during a given day as a list at the end of the day. My hope is that rather than snarking instantly at everything, I’ll eventually be driven to search out things that I like in an effort to fill out the daily blog post. 

Goal #2: It’s really hard to make year end lists and remember what happened back in January. For the past few years, I’ve actually kept a monthly list of comic books I liked, so I could do a monthly round-up – something I’ll be starting again on MTV News in a few days time. But I don’t just write about comics, I also write about movies, TV, and pop culture stuff. So in a year’s time, when I have to look back fondly on 2014, I won’t just remember what happened post-Halloween, I’ll be able to say, “Oh yeah! That was a great book,” or recipe, or picture, or whatever.

So there you go. This is a project I’m doing for myself, which could be potentially annoying to others since I’ll be sharing it on Tumblr (which means also on Twitter [which means also on Facebook]). But hopefully it’ll end up being a way I can share things I like with other people who are looking to like things in 2014, and maybe they’ll share some things back my way? Who knows?

In any case, I’ll be starting this on January 1st… And if we’re being honest, this post itself isn’t so much an announcement, as a way of forcing myself to actually start the project. Stay tuned.

Side-note: I really don’t like ‘The Sound of Music’ at all. Thought I’d get that out of the way while I still can.

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